DefCon 22 BadgesDefCon 22 has received quite a bit of coverage on main stream media, the event that has done quite well
at keeping below the radar has been pushed into the limelight. In part due to the slow realisation of
the corporate world’s that it’s better to engage with the inquisitive rather than ostracise them.

Ironic considering the roots of hacking was with these technically inquisitive types now being sought to hire. But throughout the late 90’s and then even more so this century, malicious and criminal types sought the knowledge of the inquisitive. Meanwhile corporations lived online in a world of denial about the security holes pot marking their systems, until those holes started bleeding data.

Now, after many high profile embarrassing breaches we find big business seeking the tarred and feathered to help resolve and test the systems in a preventative measure. Hopefully this marks a change in attitude and the technical inquisitors will be embraced this long term and given the opportunity to satisfy their digital adventures, help fix systems, just like the good ol’ days.

Time to start reading 2600 again!

Main image by Parallax Inc