Just Park logoJust park one of the latest in the trend of social share apps, this one tries to provide unused parking spaces to those in need. If you’ve driven into central London you probably see the benefit. Many dwellers of central London don’t need a car so often parking spaces and garages find other uses. This app allows space owners to rent theirs.

This all seems hunky dory, but as you might have guessed the red tap of regulation will catch up, and the ‘man’ will claim noise issues or pollution and tax declarations on revenue as case to implement by laws to put a stop to such ventures, or just tax the hell out of it.

If it doesn’t happen, great, but we’ll see. But this got me thinking about the all above board parking system that creaks under the strain of the growing swarm of cars looking a place to dwell. Why not link this app or one like it with GPS and install proximity sensors to existing official parking spaces, so you can see live status of spaces, potentially book ahead for a spot and only pay for the time you use automatically via the app?

No wasted space, no cruising multi-stories looking for a spot, no fishing for change and parking spaces advertise themselves.

Worth a thought, hopefully Just Park take this issue but the horn!